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What is Metis?

I bet you are wondering what a “Metis” is and why I chose it as the name of my practice.

When I was deciding on a brand for my practice, I wanted a name for my team that captured who I was and what we provided for our clients. I tried on a few different names and nothing seemed to resonate.

Then, my son, Evan, who at the time was 9 years old, came to me and said “Mom, I have the perfect name for your business.” He finished reading the Percy Jackson series (which is a fiction series based around Greek Mythology) and at the time was reading the Percy Jackson Encyclopedia of Greek Heroes. Evan said “I think you should name your business Metis.” I asked him who Metis was and he replied, “She is the titan goddess of wise counsel.” Further research revealed the Metis is the goddess of wisdom, good council and deep thoughts.

It was perfect and Metis Financial Group was born.

I chose the owl as part of the logo because I have always loved owls for their beauty and gentle strength. After learning more about owls, I found they represent a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge as well as inspiration and guidance to explore the unknown and magic of life.

I believe that Metis and the owl represent all the qualities I value and more importantly, what my clients value. They both also represent what I hope to provide to my clients—Wise Counsel for an Inspired Life.